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Live a Life Toward Growth, with self Acceptance, Compassion and Choice.

You can heal the past, understand the present and discover your potential for the future.

Life is full of challenges for everybody, you and me, and at times it's hard to find the way to deal effectively with them. I am here to help you.


My goal is to help you better deal with life's challenges, to make sense of your past and how it is influencing your present, how you process events and situations emotionally and through your thoughts and beliefs which influences how you make decisions in life. I am here to help you create a more meaningful life where they have a realistic sense of self as well as close and connected relationships. 

With my empathic approach and understanding of human emotional processes, I provide a safe and nurturing space for you to experience and express any feelings and be alright with it, accept it and find the message your feelings have for you. In this process you will have a corrective emotional experience which will facilitate the change and growth you always wished for. 

My Approach

Based on Emotion Focused Therapy developed by Dr. Leslie Greenberg, my approach uses feelings as the tool to reach needs, desires and longings. Our emotions are a guide for what we want to create for ourselves, like the red lights in the dashboard of the car telling us what is going on under the hood, what we need so we can move toward providing them for ourselves.

But our feelings are not always the right guide; they sometimes steam from our past wounds and pains.

Either afraid of the uncomfortable feelings or compelled by them, we will often under or over-regulate our emotions. We either deny them, numb them by different forms of addiction or fail to regulate them and become emotionally reactive. Not being able to make sense and use our adaptive emotions to guide us, and triggered by the pain of past unresolved traumas, we'll get stuck in unhelpful response patterns and life will stop moving forward. Our relationships suffer and we lose the sense of self, feeling anxious, depressed and lonely.


In my approach. I will help you move forward by the use of your adaptive emotions rather than getting stuck in the old emotional and behavioral patterns. This process will change how you experience yourself in the present, see your past experiences in a different light and make a new meaning of your life.  I will provide a supportive and nurturing environment where you will have the opportunity to experience any old stuck feelings, make sense of them, regulate them and change them with another emotion which is more adaptive.

And live a life of self acceptance, compassion and choice!

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