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Create a relationship in which you feel secure, valued and liked.

Our brain is wired to connect with others. Healthy relationships are the key to our longativity, success and happiness.
We go into a relationship with the hope of feeling calm, secure, valued and excited; where we can share our hurts, fears, concerns and wishes and feel heard, validated, understood and supported.​
  • Are you in a relationship that you constantly feel anxious, insecure, invalidated and bored?
  • Do you feel unheard and unappreciated?
  • Do you feel like you are never enough?

Each of us brings our own history into a relationship: our pains, fears, perceptions and expectations. We often carry forward dysfuntional ways of communicating and relating to others. Sometimes the way we communicate our needs actually damages our relationships.
When we go through a difficult or painful experience and reach out for our partner to get validation, reassurance, safety and calm, they don’t answer. They may be going through their own tough time or may be they misunderstand what we need, or they just don’t know how to help. But we often loose trust, feel rejected, not safe and respond in a dysfunctional way. And then we get caught in a destructive cycle of interaction. It feels like the more we try to communicate what we need with our partner, the more we distance from each other and we feel stuck! 
We can heal the past wounds, break the dysfunctional cycle, connect safely and move toward a satisfying relationship.
In my approach, Emotion Focused Therapy, I will create the safe and empathic environment in which you and your partner can get to the heart of your need for closeness, validation and acceptance.  
During this process couples will start to perceive each other in a new way. The new perception of the other develops compassion and changes how partners respond to each other. The dysfunctional cycle breaks down and a healthy relationship arises in which you support and honor each other
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