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Art Therapy as away of expression

Art and the creative process of art making is not only a means of expression when words come short, but has been found to be healing and uplifting.

In an art therapy session, I will provide you with a variety of art materials, such as paint, colored pencils, markers, pictures, clay, etc., and will help you to observe your thoughts, feelings and perceptions in a concrete way through the symbolic representations and discover deep and personal meanings in your art.


Children often cannot talk about their experiences, but will express their thoughts and feelings through their drawings.

Art therapy is action oriented, engaging and a pleasurable activity for most children and teenagers. They can express themselves freely in a symbolic and metaphoric way and have the opportunity to see their own perspective in a concrete way and outside themselves, and find new solutions to their problems. 


In Art Therapy you can get access to your hidden thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values and needs much deeper and faster than talk therapy alone. Therefore, you have the opportunity to get to the core issues and conflicts, and resolve them much faster.

Benefits of Art Therapy 

• Fostering insight & understanding of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs underlying our anxiety, depression and other emotional issues. 
• Expressing and releasing unexpressed emotions due to traumatic life experiences. 
• Discovering hidden personal strengths and increase self- esteem and move toward personal growth.
• Encouraging and empowering us to cope with stress and pass through life's challenges.

Art Therapy works with all ages, adults, children, adolescents, families and groups. 

You don't need to have any artistic skills or even like art to benefit from Art Therapy.

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